radiant barrier insulationThere are several major types of insulating materials available in Dallas with effective properties to keep your home comfortable.

Major Types of Insulation are:

Bulk insulation

In bulk insulation, millions of air pockets are trapped in the material and this air is what provides the material its insulating property. Bulk insulation is available as batts, blankets, boards and loose fill and these are pumped in, blown or placed by hand into the area to be insulated.

Batt insulation from glass wool (fiberglass)

Fiberglass insulation is made from melted glass that is spun into a flexible mat of fiber and is available as blankets or rolls. Blankets are thinner but denser than batt rolls. It is easy to cut and install into standard wall spaces, attic and floor joists. Fiberglass insulation is resistant to moisture but not vapors and has a facing of Kraft paper, reflective foil laminate or polyethylene that acts as a vapor-barrier.

Batt insulation from rock wool

This insulation is made from volcanic rock melted at extremely high temperatures and spun into mats of fiber. This material has a higher R-value, better sound absorption, and is more expensive than glass wool. Glass wool and rock wool are known as mineral wool.

Loose fill insulation

This insulation would be installed by the supplier or manufacturer and it comprises shredded or granulated material like glass wool, rock wool, cellulose fiber or natural wool. Barriers should be perfectly installed to prevent the loose-fill insulation falling through ceiling vents, light fittings, and exhaust fan fittings. This insulation tends to settle over time and becomes less effective. Make sure to look for a settled R-value, which is the insulation performance after it settles.

Foam insulation boards

This insulation is mainly used for walls and is made out of waterproof boards of extruded polystyrene. This material has high compressive strength but because of its flammable nature, installation is recommended between non-combustible dry walls. It has high R-value and is more expensive in comparison with other bulk insulation types.

Reflective insulation

With this type of insulation, thin sheets of highly reflective foil laminate work with a still airspace to reflect the radiant heat off its highly polished surface and only absorbs a very small amount of heat. In combination with bulk insulation or other specially made foil products (like reflective foil bonded to batts or double-sided aluminum radiant insulation barriers reinforced with a polyethylene), reflective insulation is a good and dependable insulation. Reflective insulation is especially effective for roofs and therefore highly recommended insulation type for your home improvement.

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