home attic insulationDo you want to keep your home warm during winter or keep it cool during the summer? If yes, then worry no more because our Dallas insulation contractor company is here to solve your problem by installing house insulation in your home.

Types of Home Insulation

•Spray foam insulation-This is the most recommended type of insulation. It is in form of sprayed foam and foamed in place. It is spread to enclosed walls, open new walls and incomplete attic floors.

•Cellulose insulation-cellulose is an organic, loose fill material from recycled paper. It is installed by either spilling the material to particular area or blowing into place.

•Fiberglass insulation-it’s available as batts or loose fill. It’s inexpensive, easier to install, nonflammable and resistant to moisture damage.

•Mineral/rock wool insulation-it’s similar to fiberglass but this type is expensive and difficult to find. It comes in loose fill which can be poured out of bags or blown into specific area.

Benefits of House Insulation

It increases the comfortability of your living surroundings.

It’s energy efficient since it minimizes amount of heating and cooling appliances you need to use.

It minimizes environmental impact since less energy is used hence reduction in carbon footprint and chemicals released into surrounding from AC units.

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